M. Toulouse Bretta Pro Jumping Saddle

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M. Toulouse Bretta Pro English Jumping Saddle - This 2017 Professional Series Bretta is a classicly French Styled, extremely Close Contact Saddle with a narrow twist. The richly grained "Wet-Pull Leather is super grippy for a more secure feeling, yet soft and supple which will make your first ride feel like the saddle is already broken in. The Genesis Tree is adjustable milimeter by milimeter for the best fit for your horse. A great saddle if you ride multiple horses! Comfort Fit panels ensure comfort and shock absorbancy. Available in Sizes 16.5, 17, 17.5, 18 & 18.5". Also available in a Long Flap. Genesis Adjustable Tree CFT PRO CC. 3501GEN 3501 GENLF

Product Information

17″ Seat
Genesis Adjustable Gullet