Stickyseat Riding Tights

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Stickyseat Riding Tights. Size Large. Beige pull-on thighs with inner pocket and beltloops. In great condition and VERY grippy! Has a good bit of stretch for curve flattering shape! If you spend a lot of time in a 2-Point you will find this is the breech for you. If you sit well, but wish your leg would stay more still then these are the breeches for you. If you like an overall all over grip from sit bones to boot - this is the breech for you! From Dressage to Eventing to Endurance to Bareback - this full leg grip keeps you secure in your seat (or our of your seat!) These tights offer silkiness, stretchability and snap back - this fabric cools out quick! Large (12/14) 32" unstretched waist (if you have a waist 35-38) Large is for you!

Product Information

Stickyseat Riding Tights
Size Large (32-38 waist)