Getting Ready

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In Color

Print Size 8x10; Framed (no matte) 11x13

Frame Style: Carlton

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Product Information

All photographs can be customized by size, color and frame.

Available print sizes are 8×10, 10×8, 11×14 or larger upon request.

Framed &/or Matted, print sizes are 11×13, 13×15, 13.5×15.5, 16.5×19.5, 16×19, 16.5×22.5, 17.5×14.5, 22×25, 24×28 or larger upon request.

All photographs can be printed in color, sepia, black & white or watercolor effect.

Frame selections are Steinbeck 2.5” Chestnut, Solid Wood (dark), Solid Wood, Reclaimed Renaissance, Sienna Burl, Sienna Burl (thin), Carlton, Monterey and Red with Beads.

Other frames are available for special order.