Galveston Equine Drying Sheets – SUPER SALE!!

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Galveston Equine Drying Sheets. Horses will dry much more quickly than a traditional cooler. They slip on the horse while the horse is tied and drying or cooling down. When used to dry a horse, just slip it on and rub it with your hands. This helps start the water or sweat absorption into the sheet. (Not to be used for turnout, as horses may become tangled.) Colors: Burgundy, Hunter Green, Yellow, Red, Purple & Kelly Green. Sizes 70" to 82." Contact us for size and color availability. Some with Leg Straps, some without.

Product Information

SUPER SALE!! Galveston Equine Drying Sheets. Colors: Burgundy, Hunter, Yellow, Red, Purple & Green. Sizes 70 to 82.